The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Collar of Neferuptah



Identity: Neferuptah, Princess
Material: Gold, Feldspar, Carnelian
Period: Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty
Reign: Amenemhat III Dimensions:
Length: 36.5 cm
Width: 10 cm

This "wesekh" (wide) collar is made of a network of tubular beads of feldspar and carnelian arranged in six rows alternating with files of little gold beads. Teardrop-shaped pieces inlaid with feldspar and carnelian border the lowest row. The two falcon heads fasten the collar and are hammered gold leaf worked in repouss. The counterpoise is well matched to the design of the collar. Because of its protective value, the wesekh collar was a favorite ornament of gods, kings and private individuals alike, hence, this collar accompanied princess Neferuptah in her sarcophagus.

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