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Contacts and Information

Please contact the Egyptian Museum administration office at: Tahrir square, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone: 25796974

Director Office 25796948

Fax No. 25794596 The museum is ready to receive any inquiry by mail, phone, or personally.

General Director of the Egyptian museum


: Dr.Mohamed Abdel Hamid Shimy




Arabic,French and English


BA,in Archaeology,Faculty of Arts,Cairo University,1965 Graduate Diploma in Egyptology, Faculty of Archaeology,Cairo

University,1969 Starting The Studies for getting the Ph.D.1986 Ph.d.in Perfumes in Ancient Egypt,Lyon University,France,1997

Work Experience:

- 1965, Working as archaeologist in the Documentation Center and Studies of

Ancient Egypt . - Registering many of the temples and tombs either in Nubia or in Luxor

and registering the Graffiti Inscriptions of Luxor West. - Participating in publishing volumes of the Graffiti inscriptions . - 1991, The first Archaeologist in the Documentation Center and Studies of Ancient Egypt . - 1994,General Director of the Information Center of the SCA. - The achievements:

registering the Nubian Museum

registering Luxor Museum

registering Kom Oshim Museum - 1999,General Director of the Egyptian museum.


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