Egypt : Minister's Guest Trip Give-a-way rules page

About the Contest

Each month we will draw for a minor prize. This may be anything from a T-shirt to at times more expensive items such as an alabaster vase. This month it will be a T-shirt, straight from the Pyramids. (Well, at least the Tourist shop that overlooks the Pyramids).

At the end of six months, we will draw once more to determine who will win the trip. Here is how the contest works:

Each month we will post five trivia questions. Each one that contestants answer correctly will go into a pot, so to speak, with the contestant's email address. Each correct answer gives you an entry in the current month's "minor" prize drawing, as well as an entry in the current semi-annual grand-prize trip drawing. Thus, if you answer four question correctly in February and three in March, but never enter again, you will have four entries in the March 1 drawing for a "minor" prize, three entries in the April 1 drawing for a "minor" prize, and seven entries in the August 1 drawing for a trip to Egypt.

The trivia questions will range in difficulty, but the answers to each will appear on our web site.

You must be 18 years or older to participate, and only one entry per email address will be counted

And by the way, the purpose of this contest is not to collect email addresses. Therefore, your email address will only be used to identify the winner of the contest and a brief message (no spam) to let you know after we have updated the monthly winner and new questions. If your email address changes, please notify us. If we are unable to get through to you under the email address entered into the entry form, and you have not notified us of an address change, than we will draw a new name.