ETA Update for March, 2003

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ETA Update for March, 2003

New Marsa Alam Airport Received 1500 Aircraft in First Year of Operation

In the first year of operation, 1500 airplanes carrying 165,000 passengers arrived at Marsa Alam new airport at the Red Sea Coast. In the year 2003, the "B.O.T" airport is expecting to receive 2200 aircrafts carrying 225,000 passengers.

The four coming months would witness an increase of 600 rooms in hotel capacity in Marsa Alam. Experts assert that every new room will bring in 70 passengers per year. Tourists fascinated by this magnificent area stay for a whole week.

Marsa Alam considered one of the most beautiful sites at the Red Sea shoreline, and a true top diving resort.

Ministry of Tourism finances docking facilities in Luxor

A plan to upgrade the infrastructure serving floating hotels in Luxor is adopted by Dr. Mamdouh el Beltagui, Minister of Tourism. Recently the Minister allocated a budget to subsidize a project aiming to upgrade docking facilities on the Nile (mainly near Luxor). Nine more docks will be constructed to serve the tourist cruise ships in the area.

It is worth mentioning that cruising the Nile (specifically between Luxor and Aswan) is one of the premier highlights in any tour package in Egypt.

When the Kings Face Shines !

More than 3,000 tourists gathered at the Abu Simbel temple very early in the morning of February 22nd, holding their breath while watching the sun rays illuminating the sanctuary and falling on the face of King Ramses II.

Abu Simbel, the two gigantic rocks cut temples of Ramses II, built 250 K.M southeast of Aswan, is one of the most famous Pharonic archaeological sites that attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world.

Jean Louis Burckardt discovered the awesome temple in 1813. The genius architecture and precise alignment positions the temple to receive the sunrays twice a year during February and October to celebrate the Pharaohs birth and enthronement days.

The spectacular event is a true astrological phenomenon and a display of ancient Egyptian mastermind. The saccade of the temple is dominated by four colossal seated figures of King Ramses II, who is considered among the most famous and mightiest ancient rulers of Egypt.

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