News from the Egyptian Tourist Authority on April 1st, 2003


April 1, 2003

News from the Egyptian Tourist Authority

In response to the current crisis in Iraq, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism confirms the following:

  • A set of activities will be pursued such as fostering relationship with partners and boosting charter incentive programs.
  • Egypts top priority is keeping sustained stability and highest security measures throughout Egypt especially in the tourist sites.
  • The tourism industry in Egypt is keen to make the Egyptian destination a safe and enjoyable one.
  • The Recovery Committee of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) declared Egypt as the "model" country for speedy
  • recovery and achieving outstanding results, thus labeling it as a "real example of success" in the aftermath of some of the
  • worlds serious crisis.
  • Egypt is thousands of kilometers away from the hot spots of turmoil and turbulence (see attached map).
  • Egypt is situated in North Africa while the expected war is in a different continent (Asia).
  • There are no military bases or foreign troops stationed or existing on any Egyptian land.
  • Egyptians are peaceful and civilized people who always welcome their guests and are capable of making distinctions
  • between governmental policies, regimes and the general public.
  • The International IATA-Lloyds declared Egyptian skies and nautical passages within the "safe" zone.
  • Egypt enjoys political and social stability where touristic activities are sustained and thus, verifying the safety of this unique destination.

Distances of Egyptian Cities from Baghdad
City Distance (Kilometers)
Cairo 1,530
Taba 1,002
Sharm el-Sheikh 1,060
Hurghada 1,222
El Wadi El Gadid 1,600
Aswan 1,523
Aysut 1,403
Ras Sedr 1,180
Luxor 1,415
Mattrouh 2,000