The Tomb of Aha at Abydos

Tomb B10-B15-B19 at Umm el Ga'ab in Abydos

Aha - I Dynasty

Floor Plan of Tomb B10-B15-B19 belonging to Aha at Umm el Ga'ab in Abydos

A tomb consisting of chambers numbered B10, B15 and B19, located in the Umm el Ga'ab region at Abydos, was primarily thought to compose three independent tombs. Only recent surveys by a team of German archaeologists proved that it was in fact a single tomb for pharaoh Aha and, though the chambers are distinctly separated, they might have had shared roof. Wall thickness in chambers were approximately 1.5 - 2.10 meters. Total capacity of the tomb was 11 x 9 meters. A series of tombs located east of this one possibly belonged to his nobles.

Tomb B10-B15-B19 at Umm el  Ga'ab in Abydos

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