Egypt: Our Story Topics

Our Story Topics

by Jimmy Dunn

Some of our readers may be wondering about some of the topics our articles have been covering as of late. For example, not many tourists are likely to have a great interest in our story on the three unattested pyramids at Abusir that are mostly piles of rubble, and most may not even be interested in the tomb of Ramesses II (Ramesses the Great), because they cannot visit it.

Our Story Topics

But basically, we have fairly good information in our archives on most of the place that tourists do visit. So we are filling in holes. More than that though, we are also creating what I would call units of in-depth information. We are taking topics such as the West Bank at Luxor (ancient Thebes), and pyramids, which are popular topics and expanding the depth of information. This is not new. We have previously, for example, created such a unit on Christian monasteries in Egypt that we continue to update as we find new information. Today this expansion of depth revolves around pyramids, the West Bank, and other sub-units.

The top end of a unit tree for Thebes might look like this:


The East Bank

The West Bank

Valley of the Kings

Tomb Building in the Valley of the Kings

Burying the Pharaoh in the Valley of the Kings

Recent Excavations in the Valley of the Kings by the Amarna Royal Tombs Project

Visiting the Valley of the Kings

Seti I

The Tomb of Seti I


The Tomb of Tutankhaman

The Treasures of Tutankhaman

Howard Carter

Curse of the Mummies

Valley of the Queens

Tombs of the Nobles

The Private Tomb of Rekhmire on the West Bank at Luxor

The Tomb of Nakht on the West Bank at Luxor

The Temples of Million of Years

Seti I Temple of Millions of Years

The Ramessuem

Other Historical Sites on the West Bank

The Palace of Amenhotep

Medinet Habu

Of course this is highly abbreviated as we have covered a number of other tombs, pharaohs and temples, but for example, note the headings under Tutankhaman. We consider this a sub-unit, as is the West Bank a sub-unit of Thebes, and the Valley of the Kings a sub-unit of the West Bank. We will be creating other deep sub-units on major kings of this era, including a sub-unit on Ramesses II that we are currently working on. As with Seti I, we also try to update and expand the information on our kings list by writing an expanded biography of the owner of a tomb when we write about the tomb. We have also written a number of articles to provide background on units, such as the biography of Howard Carter and the Curse of the Mummies.

Our pyramids section will eventually have a master overview as well, but currently we are creating the sub-units. Currently the sub-unit we are working on is the pyramid field at Abusir, but we will also be expanding information not only on specific pyramids and pyramid fields, but also on the construction and other aspects of pyramids, similar to the efforts we made on the Valley of the Kings.

So, currently many of our topics are revolving around the Old and New Kingdoms, the age of the Pyramid builders and the builders at Thebes. We hope you enjoy the articles, but if the topic you are interested in does not appear in one of our daily stories, please check our archives . There, one will find articles covering most topics that are of interest to tourists and casual readers.

Last Updated: June 12th, 2011