The Monastery of Apollo at Bawit - Facade

A decorated arch from Bawit

Facade of the South Church of the Monastery of Apollo - After the excavations of the monastery of Bawit, the Muse du Louvre received a share of numerous architectural sculptures, in limestone and in wood, with which one of the two churches of the monastery has been reconstructed. The supporting structure of the authentic sculptures is realized in concrete so that there should be no ambiguity in the presentation. The monument was surrounded by friezes, alternatively of stone and of wood. The architectonic elements are underlined by the sculptures which were originally painted. Some pieces still keep traces of colors. The two doors placed in the north wall are highly decorated. The one which opens onto the nave is surmounted by an admirably carved lintel. The engraved texts associate the archangels Michael and Gabriel with the founding father, Abbot Apollo, and his companion, Abbot Phib. Above, an arcade with finely sculpted acanthus stems encloses the image of a saint on horseback killing a serpent, placed in a chapel, in the middle of a vegetal decoration.

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