Egypt: Not to be Missed at the Pyramid Plateau

Not to be Missed at the Pyramids' Plateau

by Dr. Maged El-Baily

I have spent a couple of days sorting out the most important cultural events that will soon take place in Egypt.

The Ahram Cultural Festival and the 6th International Squash Tournament

Not to be Missed at the Pyramids

The Pyramids Plateau will witness two very special occasions this year that are going to take place at the same time. From the 3rd to the 9th of September the International Squash Tournament will held at the Pyramids Plateau and at the same time there will be a celebration of the 125th birthday of the 'El Ahram' Newspaper.

El Ahram newspaper is the most popular in Egypt and is one of the first newspapers to be published in Egypt. The newspaper deals with many issues from political to cultural and even fashion and children affairs. The first issue of the Ahram was published on the 5th of August 1876 and was four pages long. The Newspaper holds this cultural celebration each year.

Not to be Missed at the Pyramids

This year the cultural celebration of the Ahram is going to be accompanied by the 6th international Squash Tournament and this increases the beauty of the festival. The squash tournament is distinct by its location at the Pyramids Plateau. The all-glass court is placed in front of the pyramids making them its background. Spectators can see the squash court and the pyramids at the same time.

To make the Festival even more attractive a gallery at the site of the festival and tournament will display old and rare photographs. These will include about 500 photos all about Egypt

Not to be Missed at the Pyramids

Make sure if you are in Egypt from the 3rd to the 9th of September to visit the pyramids to watch the Egyptian civilization from past to present over the last 125 years.

Verdis Opera Aida

Not to be Missed at the Pyramids

Again at the Pyramids Plateau, from the 12th to the 17th of October, witness the ever popular Verdis Opera Aida. This year is the Centennial memory of Verdis Death (1901), and thus the Opera Aida will be dedicated to its creator. Opera Aida will be conducted by Anton Guadango except on the 16th of October when Ahmad El Saedi will conduct the opera. Stage director is Pier Luigi Pizzi, choreographer is Gheorghe Ianku and Choirmaster is Aldo Magnato. Aida will be played by Norma Fantini on the 12th, 14th and 16th of October. On the 13th and 17th of October Paoletta Maroccu will play the role Aida and on the 15th of October the role will go to Iman Mustafa. The cast is a mixture of Egyptian and Foreign artists, so whether you are an opera admirer or not, this is an event you will not wish to miss.

Ticket prices on the opening and closing days are:

  • Box: US$ 300
  • VIP: US$ 270
  • Section A : US$ 250
  • Section B : US$ 200
  • Section C : US$ 150
  • Section D : US$ 100

Ticket prices from the 13th to 16th of October are:

  • Box: US$ 300
  • VIP: US$ 220
  • Section A : US$ 200
  • Section B : US$ 150
  • Section C : US$ 100
  • Section D : US$ 75

To contact the Cairo Opera House:

Tel: +202 7370601 or +202 7370603 or +202 7370587

Fax: +202 7370599