Welcome to a Free Egypt

There is a new pride in Egypt: the pride of ownership, and also the joy. There is a spring in their steps, and while there have always been smiles and guests have always been welcomed, now the smiles are brighter, and there is extraordinary excitement in showing you their old, grandest of all, homes.

They need you, too. Modern Egypt has entered a new era and they are joining the most select countries in North America and Europe. They are actually rare, those countries whose residents can say We, the people, where such words overpower any dictator or quasi-president.

But make no mistake. Those words, freedom, and We the people are expensive. For these words to stand and deliver there must be economic achievement so that the masses can work and feed their families. This makes your visit to Egypt become more than a trip of a lifetime. It adds a stepping stone to true democracy and in taking that step, you will find the air a little rarer, cleaner, a new world that few have experienced.

Egypt is seeing a rebirth, through the pure excitement and the enthusiasm of its free citizens, and they want you to join them, and at the same time see some of the most famous monuments and achievements in mankinds past. It is a new and wonderful day in Egypt, and millions of Egyptians say Welcome!