The Tomb of Iry-Hor at Abydos

Tomb B1-B2 at Umm el Ga'ab in Abydos

Iry-Hor - 0 Dynasty

Floorplan of tomb B1-B2 at Abydos belonging to Iry-Hor

The two-chambered tomb of Iry-Hor is thought to be one of the oldest among those discovered at Abydos. Dimensions of the northern part: 2.5 meters (at the bottom) x 7 meters, while the southern part measures 4.30 x 2.50 meters. In a better preserved smaller part only tiny reminders of funerary equipment were found, including pieces of ceramic with engraved or painted names of Iry-Hor.

Tomb of Iry Hor at Abydos

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