The Tomb of Narmer at Abydos

Tomb B17-B18 at Umm el Ga'ab in Abydos

Narmer - I Dynasty

By Jimmy Dunn

Two joined chambers numbered B17 and B18, located in the Umm el Ga'ab region at Abydos, composed the tomb of King Narmer. The B7 chamber measures 3.0 x 4.1 meters and is the better preserved. The walls of B18 had collapsed, but were later rebuilt and supported with a few rows of brick and in some places additionally with wood. Later the brick was covered with mud mortar and painted white. In the B17 chamber there are two holes, each about 65 cm deep. Presumably they were used to place posts that supported the roof.

The Tomb of Narmer at Umm el Ga'ab in Abydos

The Tomb of Narmer at Umm el Ga'ab in Abydos

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