Egypt: Egyptian Travel News in Brief

Egyptian Travel News in Brief

by Egyptain Tourist Authority (ETA)

Tourism On The Rise

Dr. Mamadouh El-Beltagui, Minister of Tourism

Dr. Mamadouh El-Beltagui, Minister of Tourism asserted that the increase of Egypts hotel capacity to 123, 000 rooms will help increase the tourist inflows into the country. He also praised the Egyptian private sector and said that adding 65,000 hotel rooms over the last 8 years, indicates the confidence in the cost-effectiveness and prospects of tourism investment and the growth of the Egyptian tourism sector. He added that tourism development has in the past twenty years witnessed the highest growth rate due to the tenuous work to ensure safety, peace, stability and expansion in infrastructure projects. Dr. El-Beltagui also said that Egypt is careful not to over-increase the hotel capacity in order to preserve the natural resources and to achieve a balanced and sustained development .

A New Pyramid in Egypt

A New Pyramid in Egypt

Archaeologists have discovered the 110th pyramid in Egypt, a 4,500-year-old tomb of a queen whose identity remains a mystery. The site of the new pyramid is just a few miles from Cheops Great Pyramid, one of the worlds best-known pyramids.

Al Fayyoum

Al Fayyoum

Al Fayyoum is currently the focus of interest and cooperation between the governorate of Fayyoum and the ministries of environment and tourism . The plan of cooperation aims at transforming Al Fayyoum into a eco-tourism region, due to its unpolluted environment and agriculture, folk and local hand crafts as well as its overall cultural heritage. Al Fayyoum has been known for being rich in its cultural and natural resources such as

Lake Qaroun and Wadi Al Rayyan, as well as the city of Madi, which was built in the second century BC. The governor of al Fayyoum stated that Al Fayyoum is considered the ideal place for eco-tourism, as it owns archaeological remnants from the pre-historic , Pharaonic, Roman, Coptic, and Islamic eras in addition to 12 mammal species out of a total of 28 species worldwide.

Dandara Temple Renovated

Dandara Temple Renovated

The Governor of Qena and Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities inspected the renovation and development-taking place at Dandara Temple and the surrounding structures in order to prepare it as a tourist attraction.

The Governor said that the development includes the building of a wall surrounding the temple whilst preserving the archaeological nature of the site and the service region including the bazaars and telephone cabins, in addition to a five-star hotel overlooking the Nile.

Dr. Hawass added that the National Qena Museum is being constructed and will contain temporary and permanent exhibition halls to display local archaeological monuments representing different eras of Egyptian history .

Protected Areas and National Parks In Egypt

Protected Areas and National Parks In Egypt

Egypt is more beautiful than any one can think or imagine, still Egypt has a lot to offer to its visitor. One of the greatest attractions & treasures which Egypt possess are protected areas & national parks. These are places where we preserve wildlife and keep the beautiful environment from the damage of human beings. In Egypt they are considered among the most beautiful in the world.

Realizing the great importance of these treasures, The Ministry of Environmental Affairs has created the nature conservation sector, whose only aim is to protect our endangered environment. This sector exerts great efforts to preserve these areas.

Existing Protected Areas Proposed Protected Areas

No Protectorates Names Square km Governorate
1 Ashtum el Gamil Protectorate 180 Port Said
2 Zaranik Protectorate 230 North Sinai
3 Ahrash Protectorate 8 North Sinai
4 El Omayed Protectorate 700 Matrouh
5 Elba National Park 35600 Red Sea
6 Saluga and Ghazal Protectorate 0.5 Aswan
7 Wadi Alaqi Protectorate 30000 Aswan
8 Lake Qarun Protectorate 250 El Fayoum
9 Wadi El Rayan Protectorate 1225 El Fayoum
10 El Hassana Dome Protectorate 1 Giza
11 Wadi El Assuti Protectorate 35 Assuit
12 Wadi Digla Protectorate 60 Cairo
13 Petrified Forest Protectorate 7 Cairo
14 Ras Mohamed National Park 850 South Sinai
15 Nabaq Protectorate 600 South Sinai
16 Abu Galum Protectorate 500 South Sinai
17 Taba Protectorate 3595 South Sinai
18 St. Katherine National Park 5750 South Sinai
19 Nile Islands Protectorates 160 All Governorates on the nile
20 Sammur Cave Protectorate 12 Beni Suef
21 Lake Burrullus Protectorate 460 Kafr El Sheikh
22 Gulf Kabir 33700 Wadi Gadid
23 Um Dabadib 4200 Wadi Gadid
24 White Dessert 2300 Wadi Gadid
25 Kurkur & Dungel 5800 Aswan
26 Qattara 22900 Matruh
27 Um El Ghuzlan 3900 Matruh
28 El Qasr 3700 Matruh
29 Sallum 1450 Matruh
30 Showeta 225 Matruh
31 Ras El Hekma 150 Matruh
32 El Gala 4300 Red Sea
33 Wadi Qena 5900 Red Sea
34 El Shayeb 4300 Red Sea
35 Hamata 4300 Red Sea
36 Sabkhat Ras Shukeir 75 Red Sea
37 Great Red Sea Reef 5000 Red Sea
38 Quesima 400 North Sinai
39 Gabel Maghara 900 North Sinai
40 Girafi 1100 North Sinai

For more information please contact:

Egyptian Environment Affairs
Department of Natural Protectorates

Cairo: Tel. 2-02-3406777 Fax. 2-02-3405962

23a Ismail Mohamed St., Zamalek
Cairo, Egypt