Egypt: Egyptian News Briefs at June 10, 2002

Egyptian News Briefs June 10, 2002

by The Egyptian Tourist Authority

Egypt Air Releases Discounted Summer Fares


Egypt Air has released its discounted summer fares to encourage tourists from European countries and the Middle East. While the discounted fares have been in use since May 2002, Engineer Fahim Rayan, President of Egypt Air, approved the prolongation of the discount period due to its positive effect on the tourist flow to Cairo and other tourist areas in Egypt.

The discounts, ranging from LE 1500 to LE 1700, apply to flights coming from and to; Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Zurich, London, Paris, Stockholm, Rome, Milan, Vienna, and other European cities, as well as to Middle East countries.

President Mubarak Will Attend The Inauguration of the Kalabsha Temples

Kalabsha Temples

In a few days President Mubarak will attend the inauguration ceremony of the Kalabsha temples , after 2 years of restoration and development works which cost LE .25 million. During his visit to Kalabsha, the Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosny declared that the project contained the restoration and development of 4 temples: Kalabsha, Beyt El Waly, Beyt El Welada, Garf Hussein the Roman chapel of Kertas and the huge Stella of Seti I . The Minister added that the development project included the building of a new marina to serve the island of Kalabsha.

On the other hand, Farouk Hosny assured that the temple of Edfu will be ready to receive visitors at the end of November 2002, where an open museum will be established in front of the uncompleted obelisk.

Improvement Project For The Edfu Temple To Be Resumed

Improvement Project For The Edfu Temple To Be Resumed

The department of Aswan and Nubia Antiquities will resume the project of improving Edfu temple . The project will include replacing the current entrance to the temple with the old southern entrance, as well as restoring and renewing the ground and the stairs leading to the entrance. Also, a fence will surround the temple for protection against traversing.

Moreover, an open museum, encompassing old pieces that were found in the hill near the temple, will be inaugurated, in addition to a center to serve the tourists and visitors, parking area and an electronic gate to organize the visit process.

Furthermore, a lighting system will be applied to the temple by a specialized French company to facilitate visits at night. The project costs LE 5 billion. The work is due to end within four months, and the temple will be ready for visits by next October.

UNESCO Award For Peace Granted to Sharm El Sheikh

UNESCO Award For Peace Granted to Sharm El Sheikh

On behalf of Dr. Mamdouh El-Beltagui, Minister of Tourism, Ambassador Salah Selim, Chairman of the CICC (Cairo International Conference Center), received the UNESCO award for peace cities, in which Sharm El Sheik was chosen as a winner. The ceremony was held at Al-Qina Mosque courtyard, Morocco. The President of the UNESCO paid tribute to this winning city for its huge tourist potential, in addition to its contribution to the peace process in the whole region through hosting many significant international peace conferences in the last few years.

The South Sinai Governorate submitted two projects for the urban development in Sharm and the preservation of natural resources as a base of sustainable development.

This distinguished award is granted twice yearly to cities chosen from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Pacific, Asia, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Dr. Mamdouh El Beltagui, Minister of Tourism, declared that UNESCOs choice for Sharm El Sheikh is outsanding evidence for the international confidence in Egypts constant efforts as a peacemaker in the region of the Middle East. Moreover, Dr. El Beltagui announced that such an international recognition will add to Sharm El-Sheikhs appeal as a unique tourist destination, attracting tourists from all parts of the world in an atmosphere of peace, love and tolerance.

LE 200 Billion Improvement Projects At the Hurghada Airport

President of the Holding Company for Aviation, Pilot Abdel Fatah Kato, stated that the international Airport in Hurghada will be supplied with a new navigation assistance device to increase its capacity and to reduce the landing period from 6 to 3 minutes. Also, 28 TV screen were installed in the airport for the flights information service, in addition to a new passenger terminal of 7,000 sq. m. in front of the main passenger building. There was also an increase in the number of runways in order to support different types of aircraft. The improvement works cost LE 200 billions.

Cabinet Approves New Tourism Resolutions

The cabinet agreed to postponement the Supreme Council of Antiquities decision to raise entry fees at archaeological sites for one year. New fees apply as of November 1st, 2002.

The cabinet also reviewed a comprehensive report submitted by Dr. Mamdouh El-Beltagui, Minister of Tourism on tourism revenues and their effect on the balance of payments for the year 2000/2001. The minister announced that tourism revenues cover 46% of the trade balance deficit and represent 37% of service exports. Dr. El-Beltagui further added that the net tourism balance has achieved a surplus of $3.3 billion ( 76% of the total tourism revenue, which highlights the export significance of Egyptian tourism in the past two years which reached $4.3 billion annually).

Dr. Mamdouh El-Beltagui, Minister of Tourism

The Minister of Tourism also stated that the competitive advantage of Egyptian tourism is based on the reduction of cost and the increased efficiency of the production factors, in order to sustain high growth and to support non-cost competition.

Dr. El-Beltagui further referred to the action plan of the Ministry of Tourism in the face of the international and regional events, which covers the following basic areas: a public relations campaign and addressing the international community about the false confusion of terrorism and Islam; continued professional meetings; extensive official contacts and individual and group meetings with ministers of tourism and ambassadors of major tourism generating markets; designing and implementing tourism promotional and marketing campaigns; promotion of Arab tourism; concentrated tourism promotion in emerging markets, as well as the promotion of domestic tourism and the alleviation of financial burdens relating to the tourism investment sector.

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