Egypt: Antiquity news brief at August 22, 2001, Egypt Antiquity News

Antiquity News Briefs

August 22, 2001

By Amargi Hillier

The Center for Antiquities Reporting has archived antiquities in the Bereibherry area in Luxor. In addition, laser topography of the area has been recorded. The recordings are a preparatory step to the commencement of renovations in the area.

Abd Allah El-Attar, Director of the Islamic and Coptic Antiquities in the Supreme Council for Antiquities (SCA), will lecture tonight on the methods of increasing tourism to the Islamic Antiquities. The lecture will be at the Cultural Club at 1 Osiris St. behind Shepherd Hotel. The lecture will start at 7 p.m. Cairo time.

The Italian government has offered to issue a grant in order to collect scientific antiquity. The money allocated will be 1,200,000 liras per month covering a 6 month period. The Griffith Institute in Oxford will also give out grants in the form of scientific education tours to study the antiquities of historic Egypt and Coptic Egypt. The grants will be directed towards student exchanges between Egypt and UK.

Next month a museum-park will be opened to the public in Sharkia. The antiquities in Tel Basta in Sharkia are extensive and important. The aim of this museum is to gather all the antiquities discovered in this area into one centralized place and to attract tourists. Tel Basta is often ignored by tourists. The museum will display more than 55 unique artifacts. The museum has been prepared with security cameras and recreation facilities.