Egypt: Bellusium City Might Just Beat New Life Again, Egypt Antiquity News

Bellusium City Might Just Beat New Life Again
June 30th 2001
By Amargi Hiller

Bellusium City was one of the largest Egyptian cities in the Roman empire. It was the capital of the old East Delta area and the capital of the general development in the North of Sinai.

Mr. Kadry El-Kashef, Tourism Director for the North Sinai area, says that Bellusium City has many other names: Balloza City, Al-Farma City, and it's Coptic name Barba City. He says that in ancient times the El-Salam stemming from the Nile used to nourish this city. This is the city where Hagarr was born. Bellusium City developed to such a high stage it once rivaled the City of Alexandria.

Dr. Mohamed Dbdel Maksoud, the General Director of the Anitiquities for the East Delta / Suez Canal area, pointed out that this city has undergone various development times and vanishing times over the centuries. Now it's time to be developed/restored again. The ancient city in its present form now includes a big citadel, Roman bathrooms, a theater, three churches, and more.

Yesterday, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hamid, the governor of North of Sinai, went to the city region to meet up with some antiquity officials there. Officials included Dr. Mohamed Abdel Sami, the General Director of the Scientific Monuments in Sinai; Mr. Fathi Talha, the General Director for the Antiquities in North Sinai; and Mohamed Kamal, a prominent antiquity researcher. The officials explained to the governor and his companions the issues of what needs to be done to restore, develop and protect the Bellusium City monuments. Basically, they want to add this spot to the tourist map. Egyptian Minister of Culture, Mr. Farouk Hosni, is also supportive of this project.

The governor announced today that they are preparing plans to develop the entrance of the city in a modern way and give the city the vital services of water, lighting, a tourist office, library and a conference hall.