Antiquity News Briefs July 26th 2001

Antiquity News Briefs

July 26th 2001

By Amargi Hillier

The Society of Arab Antiquitists in Cairo has finished reviewing researches that will be discussed in the annual conference of the society that is held on October 27th for three days. There will be 103 research pieces to be discussed regarding antiquities and restorations in the Middle East.

A French/Egyptian expedition in Tel El-Heir in North Sinai found some old military antiquities in addition to pieces of pottery which date back to the old Pharaonic period. These antiquities were found near the Horus Pathway which is parallel to the coast of North Sinai.

The antiquities of Sultan Barkouk in Kharafat El- Mamaleek, as well as the Khalawan antiquities, were chosen to be part of the Open Museums Project organized in coalition by UNESCO and the Supreme Council for Antiquities (SCA). The main aim of the project is to place emphasis on the Islamic architecture of the Mamlouk Period, which had many intricate and beautiful details in their designs.

Dr. Mohammed Abel Hamid El-Shimmy, Head of the Center of Information in the SCA, announced that all the old and rare Greek and Roman books in the Alexandria Museum will be recorded and archived using a microfilm process.