Egypt: Antiquity News Briefs

Antiquity News Briefs
August 21st 2001
by Amargi Hillier

The Tourist and Antiquities Police in the New Valley managed to stop the smuggling of a historical painting at the Kharga Airport. Upon being questioned, the smugglers insisted that the painting was an imitation. Experts, however, confirmed that the painting is an original piece of art. The painting dates back to the Roman period.

Ramesseum Temple in the Valley of the Kings

An Egyptian/French expedition will commence work in October at the Ramesseum Temple in the Valley of the Kings. The expedition will continue to search for antiquities in this area. They will also record and restore the already discovered antiquities. Amongst the expedition team is the Supreme Council for Antiquities and the Institute of Antiquities, who are doing much of the recording. From the French side, there are scientists from the Louver Museum and the National Center of Scientific Research. Dr. Mahmoud Maher, Head of the Center of Recording and Archiving of Egyptian Antiquities, will supervise the Egyptian side of the expedition.

Dr. Mohammed El-Sahgeer, Consultant of the Minister of Culture, has joined the committee which was formed to choose the antiquities to be displayed in the Museum of the Civilization in Fustat. Dr. Mohammed suggested that the Statue of Ramsis be transferred from Ramsis Square to the garden area of the museum. The aim is to preserve this huge statue from pollution. The museum will display a total of about 4000 various pieces of antiquities.

Mustafa Abd El-Kader, the Manager of Antiquities Restoration in Giza and Cairo, announced that the Tomb of BanHe in Mataria has been dismantled and is now being rebuild in its new location.

A new institute for ancient scripts and documents will be opened in the Faculty of Literature of Menia University. There will be a two-year curriculum course where students will learn how to read the ancient scripts to unravel the secrets of the ancient languages.

Farouk Hosni, Minister of Culture, has agreed on the participation of Egypt in the exhibition of the Ayouby antiquities held in the Institute of the Arab World in Paris, France. Dr. Gaballah Ali Gaballah, Head of the Supreme Council for Antiquities (SCA), announced that the exhibition would display 300 pieces from the Ayouby period. The antiquities displayed will be gathered from all over the museums of the world. From these, 35 pieces are coming from Egypt. These 35 artifacts will travel under maximum security and will be recorded in Egypt before their departure to Paris.