Egypt: Recent Internet Attacks Directed Towards Islamic Restoration Efforts

Recent Internet Attacks Directed Towards

Islamic Restoration Efforts

By Amargi Hillier

(Cairo) On August 22nd, an important urgent press conference was held in the Ministry of Culture. The antiquity related conference was considered so important, highlights of it were talked about in the local television news. Mr. Farouk Hosni, Minister of Culture, stated before a room of journalists that there have been numerous postings on the internet which have been criticizing the way in which the Egyptian government partakes in the restoration of the Islamic antiquities.

Mr. Hosni stated that these internet claims are completely false. Hey said, "All the Egyptian antiquities are restored following strict scientific procedures. These methods have been approved by UNESCO."

Mr. Hosni declared that he has decided to hold a major international conference on the restoration of the Islamic antiquities, to be held in Cairo on November 17th of this year. This conference will last for 3 days. Plans are to invite professionals in restoration from UNESCO, in addition to other international professionals, and allow them, and the press, to watch live restorations efforts in the historical Cairo area. The Minister stated on Egyptian television that 148 Islamic historical buildings have been successfully restored and 36 remaining buildings are still under restoration research.

The recent press conference was also attended by Dr. Gaballah Ali Gaballah, Head of the Supreme Council for Antiquities, and Mr. Ayman Abd El Moniem, Head of Restoration for Historical Egypt.

No mention was made of which organization, or groups of people were making these criticizing statements on the internet. The Egyptian government often receives attacks on the internet especially directed to the pharaonic pyramids and the officials involved in their care and protection.