Egypt: Antiquity News Briefs at August 31, 2001

Antiquity News Briefs
August 31st 2001
by Amargi Hillier

The Supreme Council for Antiquities (SCA) is preparing the first conference on the subject of educating the youth about the museums of Egypt. The conference will be lead by Dr. Gaballah Ali Gaballah and under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, Mr. Farouk Hosni. Different universities will participate in this conference as well as delegates from UNESCO. Alexandria has been chosen as the conference location since it hosted a previous conference concerning the child and antiquities. The main aim of the conference is to find a method to encourage the children to visit the museum more often. This will increase the Egyptian childs awareness of his/her precious antiquities. The Egyptian child will grow up loving the history of Egypt and thus grow a preservative attitude towards these antiquities. Also of the aims of the conference is to find methods for the disabled children to visit the museums.

Antiquity News Briefs

By December 2001 the antiquities museum in the new Alexandria Library (Biblioteca Alexandrina) will be opened. Minister of Culture, Mr. Farouk Hosni, appointed Dr. Gaballah Ali Gaballah to follow up on the progress in the preparing of this museum. Besides the Roman and Ancient Egyptian antiquities to be present in the museum, Dr. Gaballah Ali Gaballah requested from managers of the museum to add to the display various Islamic and Coptic antiquities. The museum will display approx 1500 rare artifacts.

The Minister of Culture has requested from the director of the El-Ghoury House of Culture to use the Sareyah El- Gabal Theater near the Citadel for cultural events. Plans are also underway to renovate the Ghoury Palace for culture events.

There will be a lecture titled The Nile; Life and Culture to be held at the Culture Club at 1 Osiris St. behind Shepherd Hotel. The lecture will be held on the 1st of September.

Ibrahim Darwish, Director of the Department for Sunken Antiquities, will flythis week to Paris to present a lecture titled The Sunken Treasures in Herakleom. Darwish denounces what has been written in some newspapers suggesting that the French committee has been prevented by the SCA from photography at the archaeological site.

The Constant Committee of Islamic and Coptic Antiquities is authorizing old houses to be recorded as antiquities. It has just recorded house #18, Haret Mazhar in the Darb El Ahmar area, as an antiquity. This house is the only one from the period of Mohammed Ali and it was built in a Romly style. The owner of the house is Engineer Ahmad Pasha Mashar, the engineer of the Kanater (archways) of El-Khaiyreyya.

The SCA has allocated a fund to renovate the area of Oyoun Mossa (springs of Moses). The area is rich in antiquities including springs, two wells, and pottery factories that date back to the Roman period. This area is also a well known tourist site. The Minister of Culture said that the project will be divided in two stages and the first stage will take six months with a cost of 1 million LE. Dr. Gaballah Ali Gaballah states that the site will be made suitable for tourists by continuing the renovations and unearthing any undiscovered antiquities. Shaded parks and tourist police offices will also be located in the area.