Our New Photo Album Section

Our New Photo Album Section

by Jimmy Dunn

A photo of my son, Taylor. These hardly ever make it into Tour Egypt but now they can in the user album

Today, we would simply like to point out a new resource we have added to the Tour Egypt system at http://www.touregyptphotos.com . This is our user photo album section, where readers may create their own photo album and upload pictures related to Egypt, including their own tour of the country. We are still working on the design of this section, but its functionality should be complete.

I personally love this new feature because, not only does it allow me to upload pictures of a personal nature that I normally would not use for Tour Egypt feature stories, but I also enjoy seeing the photos of our readers.

The photo album section is easy to use. Simply register and you will be provided space for your photos, which will then be available for view by all of our readers. Create an on-line pictorial travel log of your adventures in Egypt, show off your Egyptian friends, or just document the sights you have experienced. Topics are open provided the pictures are clean and have some relevance to Egypt.

Registration is straightforward, mostly providing for a username and password, but this also allows you to set up a short profile. After registering, you will be automatically sent an email message that will allow you to quickly confirm your account.

After registering, login using the username and password you selected. Then simply click on "upload photos" in the short menu located on the upper right of the page. You will be provided with a screen, allowing you to browse your computer for the picture you wish to upload. Other dialog boxes provide for a title, keywords and a photo description. You may also check a box to receive notification when users post a comment on your photos. There is no need, unless you wish, to upload all of your photos at one, and many of our readers I am sure will wish to add to their album over time. We believe this will work out very well for many of our Conference Center users who frequently display their photos in that section. This way, the photos will remain until deleted by users, and will also be searchable.

In addition, our readers may also make comments about the photos, as well as vote on their most popular examples.

Admittedly, this is a very good system that we have not fully exploited at this point, so we will be adding options to the system as our understanding of it improves.

Furthermore, in the future we may even make the photo album section the subject of a contest, so look for this development in the near future.