Egypt Picture - Seated Statue of Isis, Mother of Tuthmosis III

Seated Statue of Isis, Mother of Tuthmosis III

JE 37417 (CG 42072) Cairo Antiquities Museum

Material: Black Granite, Gold Leaf
Size: Height: 98.5 cm
Location: Karnak, Temple of Amun-Re, Courtyard of the Cachette
Excavation: G. Legrain's Excavation of 1904
Period: 18th Dynasty, Reign of Tuthmosis III (1479-1425 BC)

This statue represents Queen Isis, the mother of Tuthmosis III. She is seated on a throne formed of a single block with the base. He holds a lotus flower scepter in her left hand and she wears a three part wig and a close fitting tunic with broad straps. Atop her head is a cylindrical diadem covered with gold leaf.

Newly Opened Court at the Temple of Hatshepsut

Photographer: Unknown

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