Egypt Picture - Necklace with Pectoral Wedjat Eye

Necklace with Pectoral Wedjat Eye

JE 61901 Cairo Antiquities Museum

Material: Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Faience, Glass Paste
Size: (Pendant) 5.7 cm
Location: Valley of the Kings, Tomb of Tutankhamun (KV 62)
Excavation: Howard Carter Excavation of 1922
Period: 18th Dynasty, Reign of Tutankhamun (1333-1323 BC)

Bound into the bandages wrapping the mummy of Tutankhamun, Howard Carter believed that this pectoral was a piece of jewelry that the king would have worn while still living. Though very beautiful, its function was primarily protective.

Necklace with Pectoral Wedjat Eye

Photographer: Unknown

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