Egypt Picture - Necklace with Pectoral in the Form of a Solar Boat

Necklace with Pectoral in the Form of a Solar Boat

JE 61885 Cairo Antiquities Museum

Material: Gold, Silver, Semiprecious Stones and Glass Paste
Size: Height 44 cm
Location: Valley of the Kings, Tomb of Tutankhamun (KV 62)
Excavation: Howard Carter Excavations of 1922
Period: 18th Dynasty, Reign of Tutankhamun (1333-1323 BC)

This pectoral is centered on a scarab in lapis lazuli, which holds a solar disc of carnelian surrounded by a gold rim. The beetle's body is reproduced with considerable accuracy. The scarab symbolizes Khepri, the sun on the horizon of the new day. The beetle is flanked by two baboons with lunar aspects. This item was discovered inside an inlaid box of ebony and ivory with an inscription that read, "gold jewelry for the funerary procession from the bedchamber of Nebkheperure". This was Tutankhamun's coronation name.

Necklace with Pectoral in the Form of a Solar Boat

Photographer: Unknown

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