Egypt Picture Door fo the Tomb of Sennedjem

Door fo the Tomb of Sennedjem

JE 27303 Cairo Antiquities Museum

Wood, Plasterd and Painted Basalt
Size: Height 135 cm; Width 117 cm
Location: Deir el-Medina, Tomb of Sennedjem (TT1)
Excavation: Antiquities Service Excavations of 1886
Period: 19th Dynasty, Reign of Ramesses II (1290-1224 BC)

The tomb of Sennedjem was discovered intact by a group of officials from the Antiquities Service in 1886. This door from his tomb consists of a single panel, hinged at one side. It is made from a number of planks held together with a system of mortise and tenon joints. Decorated on both sides, on the external face on a yellow background is a scene in two registers, with a hieroglyph representing the sky at the top. In the upper register Sennedjem, his wife Iyneferty and his daughter Irunefer are standing before Osiris and the goddess Ma'at.

Door fo the Tomb of Sennedjem

Photographer: Unknown

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