Egypt Picture - Funerary Stele of Keti and Senet

Funerary Stele of Keti and Senet

Funerary Stele of Keti and Senet


Kenneth Garrett


Funerary Stele of Keti and Senet


Two young women stand facing one another, holding lotus blossoms to their noses; in the hand they are holding handkerchiefs. Keti (right) is more slender and long-limbed than her sister. Her dress with shoulder straps has a rare diamond pattern. Among the objects on the altar slab between the two women are two calves heads and a gooses head. The rendition in fairly unsculptured flat relief is of high artistic quality, full of liveliness, elegance and individual differentiation.

Origin unknown
Transition 11th/12th dynasty, c. 2000 BC
Limestone; H 35.5 cm
Purchased in Egypt in 1821 by Dr. Ernst August Burghart

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