Egypt Picture - Statuette of a Bearer JE 30810 (CG 241)

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Statuette of a Bearer

JE 30810 (CG 241) Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Painted Wood

Size: Height 36.5 cm

Location: Meir, Tomb of Niankhpepi the Black

Excavation: Antiquities Service Excavations of 1894

Period: 6th Dynasty, Reign of Pepi I (2289-2255 BC)

Looking as though carry a modern beaded purse and a piece of luggage, Nankhpepi the Black was "supervisor of Upper Egypt and chancellor of the king of Lower Egypt, a governor of the fourteenth nome of Upper Egypt under king Pepi I. His tomb was located near Qus. The spikes on the bottom of the rucksack were probably used to "plant" the bag into the ground so that it would stand upright.

Statuette of a Bearer

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