Egypt Picture - Two tiles with Asiatic and Libyan Figures

Two tiles with Asiatic and Libyan Figures

JE 36457 D, A Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Colored Faience
Size: Height: About 26 cm; Width: About 7 cm
Location: Medinet Habu, Palace of Ramesses III
Excavation: Antiquities Service Excavations of 1910
Period: 20th Dynasty Reign of Ramesses III (1194-1163 BC)

Not much remains extant of the palaces built by the Pharaohs of Egypt, because they were simply not built by the same standards used for the temples and tombs that must survive time. However, among the remains that have come down to us are faience tiles used to pave floors in the public areas of the palace that Ramesses III build on the West Bank at Thebes (modern Luxor).

The polychrome effects appearing on these tiles can only be obtained through repeated and delicate firing processes. Various enemies of Egypt are depicted on the remaining tiles. These specific tiles illustrate an Asiatic, identifiable by his long, pointed beard, and a Libyan, recognizable by his central braid and the tattoos on his body.

Two tiles with Asiatic and Libyan Figures

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