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Statue of Amenhotep II

JE 36680 (CG 42077) Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Greywacke
Size: Height:68 cm
Location: Courtyard of the Cachette (Karnak)
Excavation: G. Legrain's Excavations of 1904
Period: 18th Dynasty, Reign of Reign of Amenhotep II (1427 - 1401 BC)

The king is represented striding forward in this statue of Amenhotep II, discovered with many others in a cache of statues at Karnak. He is wearing the afnet headdress, fastened across the forehead by a band to which the royal uraeus is attached. He wears a finely pleated shendy kilt that is held by a belt, the buckle of which carries an inscribed cartouche with the coronation name of the pharaoh.

Statue of Amenhotep II

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