Egypt: References on Tour Egypt

References on Tour Egypt

by Jimmy Dunn

We have seldom in the past provided references for the articles on Tour Egypt, a situation that we plan to correct. When Tour Egypt was established some six years ago, we were provided with a limited amount of information by the Ministry of Tourism. These were mostly in the form of pamphlets and brochures, with limited information but covering a fairly wide spectrum of information. For example, these included such titles as Egypt: The Oases, or simply Cairo. Mostly, they were small picture books, but the information has come in handy from time to time.

Yet this was not near enough information to develop a formidable guide to Egypt, much less cover the variety of topics one finds on Tour Egypt. Today, our database of information is approaching some 10,000 pages covering most every aspect of Egypt, with the possible exception of modern politics. Therefore, we at once set out to build a small library of information on Egypt, which we have added to fairly consistently over the years.

We have provided a list of these books which represents a bibliography for the whole of the Tour Egypt web site. The list is provided alphabetized by Author and by Title.

In doing research for our articles, it should be noted that we usually begin with the latest texts, and work our way back, choosing where information is conflictive to most often use data from the most recent references. But in general, some of the most recent books are referenced on almost every article. These include:

Ancient Egypt (By Barry J. Kemp)

Ancient Egypt The Great Discoveries

The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt

The Dictionary of Ancient Egypt

Life of the Ancient Egyptians

A History of Ancient Egypt (Nicolas Grimal)

Atlas of Ancient Egypt

These are, in general, fairly generic and most of them are recent texts. On the other hand, there are a number of other general texts that we may examine, but rarely use. Mostly, these are the "Time-Life" style series from several different publishers.

It is not too difficult to figure out which references we use for a few specific topics. For example, for our recent series on tombs in the Valley of the Kings, in addition with the books mentioned above, we mostly used information from:

Valley of the Kings (Kent R. Weeks)

Valley of the Kings (A. Van Der Heyden)

The Complete Valley of the Kings

Guide to the Valley of the Kings

When we write about the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, we always consult, in addition to the general references:

Chronicle of the Pharaohs

Monarchs of the Nile

Where Were the Pharaohs?

Basically, we reference the specific text related to a specific topic. However, while we might take a look at information from books such as "The Message of the Sphinx", an alternative thought book, rarely will we use such information beyond small partials of trivia.

But it is important to note, and in fact very important, that much of what we write about actually comes from first hand knowledge. Personally, we have explored the Valley of the Kings, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, the Red Sea Coast, Sinai, and most other locales in Egypt. Most of our articles specifically on travel to Egypt comes from personal experience, and in our correspondence with other Egyptian travelers. Even some of the archaeological information is often derived from chats with current field workers and other people in the field of Egyptology.

So we hope you enjoy Tour Egypt, and that the bibliographies we have provided will further enhance your adventures.