Wonders of History ! Inspiration of the 2011 Revolution!

Wonders of History ! Inspiration of the 2011 Revolution!

Would you believe?!

By Dr. Nevine Abd el-Gawad

Edited by Mona Ibrahim

History is full of wonders needed to be noticed and carefully studied. When recognizing historical facts, not only rulers would be wiser but also people would be more aware. In Egypt, the country of history, numbers and events have special significance in modern revolutionary incidents.

Would you believe that the number 25 is a distinguished number in the liberation story in modern Egypt?!
Liberation Day, which celebrates the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Sinai Peninsula in 1982, is celebrated on April 25. In 2011, the Peoples Peaceful Revolution in Egypt against President Mubarak was on January 25.

Would you believe that the National Police Day on January 25 was celebrated as an official holiday in Egypt only one year before the peaceful Egyptian Revolution started on the same day in 2011?!

Would you believe that on the same day, January 25, the Egyptians celebrated the memorable heroism of Egyptian police officers against British occupation in 1952, while in 2011 this day marked the beginning of a popular revolution against police oppression?!

Would you believe that the Denshway incident in 1906, which was an Egyptian peasants struggle against the arbitrariness and torture of the British occupation, took place in the same governorate (Menofeya Governorate) that gave birth to President Mubarak?! It is a wonder that this man of rural origins became the first native president of Egypt to step down as a result of the first popular revolution with no military leaders in the history of Egypt against corruption, brutality and social injustice.

More and more wonders could be realized. Day by day, history might provide us with wonders that might not be speculated but when contemplating them deeply, vision might be clearer.