Egypt: The Sabil-kuttab of Udah Basha

The Sabil-kuttab of Udah Basha

by Tour Egypt Staff

The Sabil-kuttab of Udah Basha, dating to 1673 AD (1084 AH), is situated some blocks north of the Mosque of al-Husayn. This is a typical Ottoman sabil-kuttab, with decorative stone strapwork and a tiled lunette over the sabil window. It was built by the amir Muhammad Katkhuda and his brother, the amir Dhulfiqar Katkhuda, together with the souse adjacent to it. It adjoins a wikala of the same name. Pauty notes an inscription attirubting the construction of the contemporaneous attached house to the amir Dhulfiqar Katkhuda Mustahfizan. To the north of the sabil-kuttab stands the gate into the Harat al-Mabyada of the same date.

Last Updated: 02/20/2007


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