The Secret of Anubis; The Winter Triangle By Book Author Karima Lachtane

The Secret of Anubis; The Winter Triangle

By Book Author Karima Lachtane
November 20th 2010

The Secret of Anubis; The Winter Triangle offers the reader a new and more visual insight into ancient Egyptian astronomy and religion.

The Secret of Anubis

Many books have been written about ancient Egyptian temples and religion, but in my opinion, none that really captivate the new generation of visual and logical demand. People who hardly know about Egypt, quickly lose interest in the topic, namely because they find no relevance in it to their modern life.

This is exactly where The Secret of Anubis; The Winter Triangle offers a new approach, by giving the reader a visual journey into the depths of Ancient Egyptian religion, which in its core, is a meeting with the stars/astronomy. As astronomy and astrology got divided by time and peoples ideas, so did the further knowledge inside these topics stop, and instead of progressing, it might have regressed in some sense.
This book reconnects astronomy and astrology, both through words as well as images and pictures.

The Books starting point is here on Earth, where it begins by introducing Anubis. However, instead of fixating on what God he was or what normally is stated about him, The Secret of Anubis; The Winter Triangle focuses on Anubis as an object. The reader will be introduced to the many meanings of Anubiss name, one which leads us to the Anubis-shrine that was found in Tut-ankh-amuns tomb. Then through Anubis, we are introduced to another Jackal god, but he is the Heavenly brother of Anubis, in that he belonged to the stars. Duamutef will be our gatekeeper for this journey into the everlasting Abyss, which we call space and time, Here we will be met by the seven Divine star gods. Gradually youll become closer to the divine beings known since ancient times as both protectors of the journey and also guardians of the soul.


The Secret of Anubis; the Winter Triangle could be considered a book for beginners, in regards to astronomy and astrology in ancient Egypt.

The Winter Triangle is well known in our modern scientific world, but why or where it descends from, is unknown. The Secret of Anubis; The Winter Triangle connects the most holy of ancient Egyptian religion, to the three stars that make up the Winter Triangle.

Imagine the most magical construction on earth, namely the great Pyramids. The base is four points, which creates a square ground level.
Four sloping sides, which in turn creates a triangle. It is a pure and ancient illustration of how a 2 dimensional plan becomes a 3 dimensional structure.

The Winter Triangle also corresponds to the trinity, even more so in regards to ancient Egyptian religion. The book clearly illustrates how there could be a more scientific thought process behind the Egyptian religion.

starmap showing Mut

Why I chose to write this book

I felt compelled to write this book, because of what I saw and found among the ancient temples. Even though I was working 24 hours a day (for real), I was always seen studying;

One day I was sitting on the cruise boat called Montassa, I was writing some information down, when suddenly Torben Holm-Rasmussen sat down beside me. He looked carefully at what I was doing, and the books which had surrounded me like a fort. He pointed to one of the books, and asked me if I knew who was represented on the front cover? What Mr. Holm-Rasmussen didnt know, was that I had already begun my own fascination of exactly the character that he was pointing to. It was the front cover of Gods and myths of ancient Egypt by Robert A. Armour, that Mr. Holm-Rasmussen was asking about. I told him that I knew it was a replica of a scene from Setys tomb. I told him which hieroglyphic that I could translate. He then pointed to the Jackal headed god and asked me What about him? I told him that I thought it looked a lot like Anubis, but that I did not think that they were the same god. I told him how I had noticed this character in many places both in temples and tombs. However, I did not know anything more about him, because I did not know his name. Mr. Holm-Rasmussen then said that the Gods name was Duamutef, and that he was one of the Four Sons of Horus. When Mr. Holm-Rasmussen told me his name, and showed me the hieroglyphic, I immediately knew that we were speaking about the stars.

I felt like Mr. Holm-Rasmussen confirmed my thoughts and deepest beliefs, about the ancient Egypt, that they indeed were true star watchers.


And so did my personal journey begin, into the stars of ancient Egypt

Here everything went like, should I say, clockwork. It was as if it was meant to in some odd way. I then quit my job as a guide and went back to Denmark to study about astrology. Within a year I took a trip to Egypt again, this time I wanted to visit the Dendera temple on my birthday, dont ask me why. I did not know it at the time, but it was to be a profound and magical trip by itself. I had my video camera like always (I filmed everything I saw) but I did not even know what was happening before I got home, and saw for my own eyes, what had happened.
When I got back to Denmark I looked through the recording that I had made, and noticed that I went directly to the room of the zodiac circle, even though I had never been there before (I did not take tours there), On the recording you see where I am going without any stops at all, like I knew where I had to go. I went through two big rooms, and then I went left, straight through one room into a much smaller room, where I took a sharp right and, low and behold, there the stairs were. I went up to the second floor and again went directly to a room at the corner of the second floor. It was chained, but it was like it was meant to be, an old man sat behind me and surprised me, with a smile he pulled an old skeleton key from his pocket (for real, old skeleton key) and kindly opened it for me. My mother came running behind me; she had trouble following me.

I had been studying astrology in Denmark, so when I got home from the trip I was looking for my birth certificate, to do my own horoscope. When suddenly I noticed my time of birth, 11:31 AM, this was the time that I also stood underneath the zodiac circle. I was in awe.

This is just a little bit how and why I choose to write this book, I simply had to share what I saw.

*Ms. Lachtane contacted Tour Egypt to publish this article about her book. She is solely responsible for the content of the article

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