Sokar Text Examples

Pyramid Text Index Page Also see: Distribution and Hieroglyphic Representations of Sokar by Line Sokar Text Examples Utterance 300, line 445 O Kherty of Nezat, ferryman of the Ikhet-bark which Khnum made, bring me this (ferry boat) for I am Sokar of Rostau, I am bound for the place where dwells Sokar who presides over Pedju-esh. This is our brother(?) who brings this (ferry boat) for these . . . of the desert. From Utterance 364, lines 619 - 621 O Osiris the King, you are a mighty god, and there is no god like you. Horus has given you his children that they may bear you up; he has given you all the gods that they may serve you, and that you may have power over them; Horus has lifted you up in his name of 'Henu-bark; he bears you up in your name of Sokar. Live, that you may go to and fro every day; be a spirit in your name of 'Horizon from which Re goes up'; be strong, be effective, be a soul and have power for ever and ever. From Utterance 479, lines 990 - 991 O Re, make the womb of Nut pregnant with the seed of the spirit which is in her. May the earth be high under my feet, may Tefenet grasp my hand. It is Sokar who will purify me, it is Re who will give me his hand. May I be pre-eminent at the head of the Ennead, may I take my place which is in the firmament. O Henny, Henny, O Ipaty, Ipaty, take me with you. From Utterance 483, lines 1012 - 1013 Raise yourself, Osiris the King, you first-born of Geb, at whom the Great Ennead tremble. May you be pure at the monthly festival, may you be manifest at the New Moon, may the three-day festival be celebrated for you. The Great Mooring-post calls to you as to Him who stands up and cannot tire, who dwells in Abydos. O earth, hear this which Geb said when he spiritualized Osiris as a god; the watchers of Pe install him, the watchers of Nekhen ennoble him as Sokar who presided of Pedju-esh, (as) Horus, Ha and Hemen. From Utterance 532, lines 1255 - 1258 The djed pillar of the Day Bark is released for its lord, the djed pillar of the Day Bark is released for its protector. Isis comes and Nephthys comes, one of them from the west and one of them from the east, one of them as a 'screecher', one of them as a kite; they have found Osiris, his brother Seth having laid him low in Nedit; when Osiris said 'Get away from me', when his name became Sokar. They prevent you (sic) from rotting in accordance with this your name of Anubis; they prevent your putrefaction from dripping to the ground in accordance with this your name 'Jackal of Upper Egypt'; they prevent the smell of your corpse from becoming foul in accordance with this your name of Horus of Haty. They prevent Horus of the East from putrefying; they prevent Horus Lord of Patricians from putrefying; they prevent Horus of the Netherworld from putrefying; they prevent Horus Lord of the Two Lands from putrefying, and Seth will never be free from carrying you, O Osiris. From Utterance 535, lines 1288 - 1290 O King, you preside over the houses of the Great Ones who are in On; the spirits fear you, and also the Imperishable Stars; the dead fall on their faces before you, you have seized hold of the sun-folk. O First-born, 'Hounor is for the King', say the Souls of On; they provide you with life and dominion. If he (Osiris) lives among the living, then will Sokar live among the living; if he lives among the living, then will the King live among the living. O King, come, live your life here from season to season in these years when you are content and your desire is at ease. Utterance 553, lines 1353 - 1356 Geb raises you, he awakens this your spirit for you. Your water jar is firm, your water jar is firm, you are raised aloft on the hands of Shu and Tefenet in the Mansion of Her who provides(?), O King, because you are a spitir whom Nephythys suckled with her left breast. Osiris has given you the spirits, you have taken the Eye of Horus. These four paths of yours are those which are in front of the tomb of Horus, on which the god has walked since the going down of Re. He has grasped you hand, Sokar who presides over Pedju-eshhas cleansed you on your throne which is in the firmament. Utterance 566, line 1429 Take me with you, O Horus; ferry me over, O Thoth, on the tip of your wing as Sokar who presides over the Bark of Righteousness. Horus is not asleep behind the canal, Thoth is not boatless; nor am I boatless, for I posssess the Eye of Horus. Utterance 610, lines 1712 - 1713 O earth, hear this which the gods have said, which Horus said when he made a spirit of his father as Ha, as Min, and as Sokar who presides over Pedju-esh. [The earth (ta)] speaks to you, the gate of the earth-god is opened for you, the doors of Geb are thrown open for you that you may go forth at the voice and spiritualize yourself, O King, as Thoth and as Anubis, magistrate of the Tribunal. Utterance 644, line 1824 O Osiris the King, Horus has lifted you into the Henu bark, he raises you into the Bark of Sokar, for he is a son who raises up his father, O Osiris the King, in your name of Sokar. May you be mighty in Upper Egypt as this Horus through whom you are mighty; may you be mighty in Lower Egypt as this Horus through whom you are mighty, that you may be mighty and protect yourself from your foe. Utterance 647, lines 1826-1827 (Variant of Utt. 645) [O Osiris] the King, [Horus] has carried you [that he may raise you into the Bark of Sokar] in your name of Sokar. [. . . ] that you may be [provided] with it, having power [over Lower Egypt as this Horus. May you have power] through it. From Utterance 569, lines 1965-1968 'You [Isis] have borne him, you have shaped him, you have spat him out, but he has no legs, he has no arms; wherewith can he be knit together?' 'This iron shall be brought for him, the Henu-bark [shall be brought(?)] that he may be [lifted up(?)] into it'. '. . . who was brought up in it within your [Isis'] arms', say the gods. 'Behold, he is born; behold, he is knit together; behold, he is in being.' 'Wherewith shall be break his egg?, say the gods. 'Sokar of Pdju[esh] shall come for him, for he has fashioned his harpoon points and has cut out his barbs [ . . . ]; it is he who will break [the egg and split(?)] the iron. From Utterance 674, line 1998 you stand before the snut-shrines as Min, you stand at the head of the people of Athribis(?) as Apis, you stand in Pedu-eshas Sokar, From Utterance 682, line 2042 You are greeted by Sokar, O King, your face is washed by Dua-ur. The King soars as a divine falcon, the King flies heavenward like a heron, the King flies up as a goose, From Utterance 685, lines 2067-2069 You shall support the sky with your hand, you shall lay down the earth with your foot, a libation shall be poured out at this King's gate. When the face of every god is washed you shall wash your hands, O Osiris, you shall wash your hands, O King, you shall be young (again), O god; your third is he who orders offerings. The perfume of Ikhet-uttis on this King, a bnbn-loaf is in the Mansion of Sokar, a foreleg is in the House of anubis. This King is hale, the Herdsman stand up, the month is born, Splives. From Utterance 721, line 2240 [. . . ] which(?) all the gods have given to you. They serve you, and you have power over them; Horus has raised you aloft in his name of [. . .] you in your name of Sokar, you being alive [ . . . ] the East, being drowsy.