Developments at Tour Egypt: Our Newsletter and a a Tour Egypt Tour

Developments at Tour Egypt

Our Newsletter and a Tour Egypt Tour

by Jimmy Dunn

Jimmy Dunn of Tour Egypt

Today, I wish to explain several developments concerning Tour Egypt. First of all and foremost, since many readers seem to miss our monthly email newsletter, I wish to announce its return. You may sign up for it at . We try to keep readers abreast of travel and antiquity news as well as information on important Tour Egypt events within this newsletter, which is only sent out once a month unless some sort of important event dictates otherwise. Though we normally include a blurb about our association of travel operators ( AETBI ), it is not open to general advertising and is therefore almost exclusively commercial free, though we may mention a few good deals we run across. However, these are at our discretion and are never paid advertisings.

For the former readers of our newsletter who may wonder what prompted us to discontinue it, there were several reasons. First of all, hackers became a problem, which explains why we are now using Yahoo for its distribution. However, we also had a database crash, and though we had an older backup, I did not wish to start sending the newsletter to a lot of people who had unsubscribed. Frankly, this is a strictly opt-in newsletter and I hate receiving rebukes from anyone who does not wish to receive it.

There is a third reason why the newsletter was halted. Some of you may have noticed a period during September and early October of 2002 when there were no new stories on Tour Egypt. The reason for this is that I had lung cancer, which appears to have been successfully removed, but required a somewhat lengthy hospital stay. This occurred about the same time as the newsletter database crash. I am much better now, so we will again be delivering the newsletter, but this may suggest a revelation to some of our frequent readers. Where were all the other writers?

Well there are a few other writers, notably including Lara Iskander, Caroline Seawright, Ned Middleton ( Scuba Diving in the Red Sea ) and of course, Mary Kay Radnich ( recipes ), but to reveal a secret known to only a few, I write under any number of names. Other than my own, Jimmy Dunn, articles credited to Ismail Abaza, Jefferson Monet, Taylor Ray Ellison, Mark Andrews, John Warren, Jim Fox, Troy Fox, Craig Hildreth, Alen Winston, Peter Rome, Henry Stone, Mark White, Brian Rosewood, Robert Anderson, Roland Mastaff, Ken Humphries and a few others I cannot think of are all my work. Actually each of these names is applied to a particular specialty. For example, Ismail Abaza only writes about Islamic Monuments, while Troy Fox only writes about Egypt's ancient military.

There are certain advantages to me writing so many of these articles. I work every day with Egypt as a professional writer, eight or more hours a day, and after nine years of doing so, one might credit me with being an expert on the topic (of course, also visiting Egypt countless times). During that period, I have written about everything including Egyptian dinosaurs , the temples , tombs and pyramids of pharaonic Egypt, Christian churches and monasteries , and all manner of Islamic monuments . Furthermore, I always have a very keen idea of what needs to be added, and an intimate knowledge of what is a very large site, so that I know where to link the stories to other articles on Tour Egypt. However, this is not to say that I will not accept articles from others, so please feel free to contribute.

Now the reason I am 'blowing my own horn' so to speak brings me to the second development at Tour Egypt. For the very first time, I plan to lead a tour to Egypt. However, I am not asking readers to sign up for this just yet. I wish to start out with some feedback from those who might be interested in such a trip. Rather than setting up a 'trip of a lifetime' as I have seen promoted on a few other web sites, also with a price tag to match, I want to find out what sort of experience our readers would actually like to have.

Hence, I ask for your email including details such as when you would like to travel, whether you would prefer a family or adult only tour, how much culture you would wish to include, your budget, geographical areas of interest, as well as the antiquities that interest you most, etc. Feel free to add additional information, but please at least provide your country of origin.

And don't worry. Though this will be our first time to offer a tour to Egypt, I have led, on a rather adhoc sort of way, other groups but we will also be utilizing the facilities and tour management of one of our experienced AETBI members. Please email me at

Finally, I would like to thank our readers for their many years of patronage that have made Tour Egypt what it is today, one of the most successful regional travel web sites on the internet. Few other web sites of any kind have been on the net as long as Tour Egypt, and it is your continued support that has made that possible. I am most grateful for this attention, and look forward to many more years of service to the Egyptian travel community.