Egypt: Changes at Tour Egypt

Changes at Tour Egypt

By Jimmy Dunn

The Great Sphinx of Egypt

Lately, we have been making many new design changes at Tour Egypt, some more noticeable than others. This is all part of a broader plan to change some of the emphasis as well as to bring the site up to technical standards applied to the World Wide Web. Tour Egypt one of the oldest, best known sites about Egypt and is one of the only sites on the Internet that employees a full time staff, including writers, with a focus on Egyptian travel and ancient Egypt. Every day we split our time between new stories and updates to older sections of the site. This will not change, but we to plan on altering the balance somewhat away from new stories and more in favor of updates. This does not mean that we will cease doing new stories, but in reality we have covered every major pyramid, every major temple and tomb, and most aspects of travel to Egypt. Of late, many of our feature stories have, in fact, been updates to older pages, such as our recent series on Philae, because many of the more obscure sites have only a limited interest for most people. We will nevertheless write about them, but at a somewhat slower pace. (overall, we will continue to produce new stories).

What is perhaps most important is that we are not decreasing our staff. In fact, we are trying to add to it at the moment. Many of our new stories in the future hopefully will focus more on cultural and travel related topics such as new hot spots, restaurants or whole resorts, while much of our staff will also be working to vastly update various areas of our site such as the history section, our cities guide and expanding information on various major monuments.

While doing so, we are also implementing some major design changes. There will be many aesthetic modifications, more specifically we be changing the Tour Egypt home page to a more static design. In other words, it will no longer include a specific lead in to our new feature stories, but will be a more static index to the Tour Egypt site as a whole. It will have a direct link to our Egypt Month Section ( which will be our "active page" where we will not only provide the new feature stories, but also links and information to important updates. Effectively, it will be an expanded "What's New" directory with new information and a guide to site changes, which will be many over the coming year.

We would also like to solicit the help of our readers. In reality, we expect Tour Egypt to become more dynamic than ever before and we hope to encourage our many readers to please submit photos, particularly to our user photo site at, as well as for our picture of the day site. We would also love to have your travel logs, and even stories for consideration as feature stories. There is a certain procedure for this necessitated by the large amount of mail we receive. Pictures and mail should be sent to However, in order to filter it for immediate attention, please include in the subject line of the email only the following:

Type of Document

Email Subject Line

Picture of the Day

Egypt Picture of the Day

Travel Log

Egypt Travel Log

Feature Story

Egypt Feature Story

Note that Travel Logs and Feature Stories will only be accepted if they include some graphics or photographs. User photos may be uploaded to the site directly. We might also add that we are looking for young, or at least energetic people in Cairo for full time staff writing positions. Those interested should email and include in the subject line "Egypt Staff Writer".

We hope that our readers enjoy the changes we will be making to Tour Egypt and your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Last Updated: June 13th, 2011