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Projects at Tour Egypt
by Jimmy Dunn
Take a deep breath!  We have been adding new stories and information to the Tour Egypt web site constantly over the last year, and will continue to do so.  However, we are placing additional emphasis on updating the web site (content) in a number of different ways.  Specifically, we want to make it easier for you to find the information you want.For example, today we added a new Picture of the Day Archive.  Previously, at the end of a day, these photographs were lost to users.  However, not only do we now have these photographs archived, but we are placing links from various pages to these.  Therefore, when one views our extensive information on Cairo, there will be a link to the picture archives related to Cairo.Other priorities for updates include the Recipe Page and the Color Me Egypt kid's pages. Currently, many recipes are only listed in a chronological manner relative to the date they were added.  We will be indexing these recipes into foot type categories and some degree of redesign will be undertaken.  We also plan to completely redesign the Color Me Egypt kid's pages.We will also be looking for "holes" in the information, filling in data where needed.  For example, we will slowly be working on a complete renovation of the history and kings sections, adding pharaohs that are currently missing. We will also be placing many links to other pages to assist readers in navigating the site. Likewise, we will be redesigning our feature story archive, adding an author index, and breaking categories into smaller, more defined sections.We currently estimate there to be about 10,000 pages on the Tour Egypt web site, making it one of the largest on the Internet.  Information within Tour Egypt covers every aspect of Egypt, from modern travel to ancient history with culture, and a little politics thrown in.  We believe it is currently the best information on Egypt available on the Internet, but our intention is to improve it further.  Please enjoy Tour Egypt.  If you have questions, are would like to submit material or pictures, please email usArchives
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