German Cemetery at Al Alamein, Egypt

The German Cemetery at El Alamein


The German Cemetery is a fortress-like memorial that was built on a high hill overlooking the sea.

Most of the soldiers buried here are German Afrika Korps lead by General Erwin Rommel . The Battle began on October 23, 1942 and lasted until November 4th. In all, 21,994 German soldiers lost their lives in the three years of the North African campaigns of WW II.

German Forces involved at Alamein Beach:

15th Panzer Division

Panzer Regiment 8
Schuetzen Regiment 104
Schuetzen Regiment 115
Kradschuetzen Bataillon 15
Artillerie Regiment 33
Aufklaerungs Abteilung 33
Panzerjaeger Abteilung 33
Pionier Bataillon 33
Nachrichten Abteilung 78

21st Panzer Division

Panzer Regiment 5
Schuetzen Regiment 104
Schuetzen Bataillon I
Schuetzen Bataillon II
Kradschuetzen Bataillon 20
Artillerie Regiment 155
Aufklaerungs Abteilung 3
Panzerjaeger Abteilung 39
Pionier Bataillon 200

164th Light Division

115th Panzergrenadieren
125th Panzergrenadieren
382th Panzergrenadieren
433th Panzergrenadieren
220th Artillery Mot.Regiment

90th Light Division

155th Infantry Mot.Regiment
200th Infantry Mot. Regiment
361st Panzergrenadieren Regiment
Sonderverband 288