Places we need help

Places we need help

We probably need more help than we can ever get. So how people can help us just depends on how much time they can put in. Egypt is a fairly large country and Cairo is an exceptionally large city. Here are some of the tasks that I really need help on:

How we need help in Egypt: People who live there mostly

(1) Opening and closing of hotels, clubs, discos, casinos, and other tourist interests, along with pictures if possible. We monitor the Internet and various publications for this, but often these publications do not provide all the information we need, and new places may be open for months before we find out about them. And what really bothers me is that we may never here of a closing, as that is not so often announced. This information can often be obtained by picking up a brochure, particularly from hotels. Ideally, we want a hotel picture, room picture, description, features of the hotel, such as restaurants, bars, room amenities, and activities such as diving centers or health clubs. But of course we don't always get these. Also, the same applies to new site seeing locations, such as monuments.

(2) Events. We would love to be on everyone's mailing list for entertainment and such. What's happening in Cairo? Big events, small events, we need to know. The Ministry just doesn't get this stuff to us. We especially want a schedule from the Cairo Opera House, and other major entertainment facilities.

Anyone in Egypt

(3) We need pictures and descriptions of special places. Again, sometimes these can be obtained through brochures. We recently found out about Merryland in Cairo, but we could use better pictures and more info. We've heard about Magic Land, and Sindbads, which we believe are amusement parks, but have no information beyond that. Special shopping districts outside the Khan, entertainment areas,

Anyone Anywhere

(4) We need to know more about the less well known cities. If one looks in our destinations page, you will find a larger listing of cities and towns in Egypt than anyone else on the Internet. Some have extensive information. El Gouna sent us enough info to fill several pages. But ideally we would document every town of any reasonable size in Egypt. We would like to know of any town we currently don't list (actually, we know of many more than we list from maps and such, but we have no description at all). We would also like to have more information on the towns that we do have, and pictures if possible.

(5) We wish to also expand and enhance our historical sections. We will be working on many parts of it. In fact, my next big project will be to rewrite the history, and along with this as well as in coordination with this, to do the same with the King's section. Another here will also be working to do the same with Gods and ancient religion.

(6) News in general. Gosh, you here something you think we need to know, let us know.

I have an idea here. If some of you wish to help me with this, I believe I could create a page that could be co-authored by anyone who would like to help.

Like I say, more work then anyone can probably do, so basically those who wish to help, may do so on whatever level they feel comfortable with and have the time for. Thanks.

Last Updated: June 13th, 2011