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'> Egyptian Houses : Rose - Candles

Egyptian Houses : Rose - Candles

Rose - Candles

Rose - Candles

Candlelight is still the most romantic and flattering artificial light you can create. It enhances food, cunningly hides any dust or flaws in the room and makes faces look warm and glowing. Scented candles imbue a gentle fragrance as they burn but you should buy the better quality examples as cheaper versions use synthetic and often overpowering scents. A few drops of essential oil may be added to the melted pool of wax as the candle is burning for the same effect.

Aromatic burners give you the option of mixing different oils together or varying the oil if you so desire. A purpose-made dish is gently warmed by a nightlight underneath and as the oil evaporates, it releases its fragrance into the surrounding atmosphere. A home-made version can be improvised by placing drops of essential oil in a saucer and leaving it on top of a warm radiator.

Decorating plain candles is easy to do and the effect can be stunning. Rose-heads and leaves are easy to apply as decoration and each time the candle is dipped a layer of melted wax seals the flower or leaf more deeply into the candle. Heavier objects take more practice as speed is crucial if the decoration is to stick before the wax hardens.

Rose - Candles

Rose - Candles

1 - Fill the saucepan with boiling water. Holding one end of the candle, dip the other end into the water for four to five seconds. Remove the candle from the water and immediately stick on as many of the pressed rose heads and decorations as you can before the wax hardens.

Rose - Candles

2- Repeat the process, turning the candle each time and not leaving it in the water for too long, in case the wax melts around the decorated parts of the candle. A pair of tweezers may help to push the heavier items into the wax.

Rose - Candles

Candles are best for decorating as they have a high proportion of beeswax and therefore burn longer. They also soften and then harden more quickly than cheap paraffin wax candles.

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