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Egypt is an exciting country, both for its antiquities, and modern high culture. Egypt's antiquities are diverse, and include not only monuments from the dawn of civilization, but early Christian sites as well as a vast range of medieval architecture. But there is also grand restaurants and exciting nightlife in Egypt. Tour Egypt is an Egypt guide and has over 7,000 pages of information about Egypt, and Egypt travel, so explore, and when you can, we welcome you to visit this great land called Egypt.

Feature Stories - October 7, 2001

Games of the Ancient Egyptians

by Raymond Binder

Games in ancient Egypt were diverse, and took many forms. Just as today, there were games favored by adults, children or both. There were indoor games, well organized outdoor sports games, and more informal games played by children.One of the most popular indoor activities was a board game known as senet. Tourists who visit Egypt with a cautious eye may well run across a simple version of the board, sometimes found at antiquity sites marked out on the pavement or stone. However, much more elegant boards are to be found among the wealthy, including one found in the tomb of Tut. This game was an ancestor of draughts, with a checkered board known as the "perw" (houses) of three rows of 10 squares. Read Story

Dwarfs and Pygmies of Ancient Egypt

Jimmy Dunn writing as Richard Warner Dwarfs in ancient Egypt appear to have suffered little due to prejudice. This was the most serious congenital abnormality recorded in ancient Egypt. Well known Egyptologists Kent Weeks has recorded nine skeletons of this type, and Dasen lists 207 known representations of dwarfism.The disease, known as achondroplasia, was probably caused by inbreeding, and thus might very well have occurred in royal families. This disease results in a head and trunk of normal size with shortened limbs. Read Story

Monastery Series: The Monastery of St. Samuel Near Fayoum

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