Italian Cemetery at Al Alamein, Egypt

The German Cemetery at El Amamein

Description The Italian Cemetery is a high tower fort standing on a tall hill, with walls covered in marble. Most of the soldiers buried here are Italian from the 10th, 20th and 21st Italian Army Corps lead by General Erwin Rommel.The Battle began on October 23, 1942 and lasted until November 4th. In all, 22,569 Italian soldiers lost their lives in the three years of the North African campaigns of WW II. The Italians fought with obsolete tanks and even smaller self propelled guns, often called steal coffins or steel soap boxes which were fine for fighting infantry, but had little chance against other modern tanks of the era. Italian Forces involved at Alamein Beach: 132nd Ariete Armoured Division 132nd Tank Regiment
8th Bersaglieri Mot. Infantry Rgt
Anti-aircraft and support weapons Bln
132nd Artillery Regiment Ramcke Brigade 4 parachute battalions
2nd Artillery Btn 136th Giovani Fascisti Div. Regiment Volontari GG.FF.
136th Artillery Regiment
9th Infantry Btn
15th Engineer Btn
3rd AFV Btn Monferrato
8th Bersaglieri Folgore Airborne Division 185th Airborne Artillery Rgt
186th Airborne Regiment
187th Airborne Regiment
188th Artillery Rgt
8th Combat Sappers Btn. 101st Trieste Infantry Division 65th Infantry regiment
66th Infantry regiment
8th Bersaglieri Btn
9th Bersaglieri Btn
21st Artillery regiment
52nd Engineers Btn
11th Medium tank Btn 27th Brescia Infantry Division 19th Infantry Rgt
20th Infantry Rgt
1st Celere Artillery Rgt
37th Engineers Btn
55th Artillery Rgt 17th Pavia Infantry Division 27th Infantry Rgt
28th Infantry Rgt
26th Artillery Rgt
17th Engineers Btn 102nd Trento Infantry Division 46th Artillery Rgt
61st Infantry regiment
62nd Granatieri di Sardegna Rgt
51st Engineers Btn 25th Bologna Infantry Division 40th Infantry Regiment
205th Artillery Regiment
39th Infantry Regiment
25th Engineers Btn 133th Littorio Armoured Division 133rd Armoured Regiment
12th Bersaglieri Regiment
133rd Artillery Rgt
3rd Lancieri di Novara Btn
33rd Engineers Btn