JUPITER, FL Outside Sales Support Network   Egypt s Most Distinguished Archeologist to be OSSN Keynote in Cairo   Dr. Zahi Hawass, Director General of the Antiquities of Giza Pyramids and Saqqara has welcomed the invitation to give a lecture during the OSSN International Conference in Cairo from September 18-29, 2002 .  During his distinguished career, Dr. Hawass has served the Egyptian Antiquities Organization from 1987-1995, has taught Egyptian Archeology at Alexandria and Cairo University and the  American University in Cairo .  Responsible for many major discoveries in Egypt including the discovery of the tombs of the pyramid builders, a new pyramid near the Great Pyramid of Cheops, a large settlement at Giza and the Tomb of son of King Teti at Saqqara, Dr Hawass has participated in many documentary films and lectured to many distinguished audiences in the US, Europe and in Egypt.  He is also the author of several publications on the Great Pyramids, Kingship in Egypt and  "Silent Images, Women in Pharaonic Egypt ,"  for which the forward written by the Her Excellency Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, wife of Egypt 's President Hosni Mubarak.      During the 12 day event, OSSN will host two pre conference options in Egypt .  Agents may select to spend three days in Sharm el Sheikh during which time they can travel to Mt. Sinai , dive or snorkel at Ras Mohammed National Park , the most exquisite dive site in the Red Sea and tour the many resorts located in this Playground of the Red Sea .       Following the Red Sea Excursion is a five day Nile Cruise for agents and companions on the Five-Star MV Tulip, owned by Wings Group Egypt which will sail from Luxor to Aswan and includes outside staterooms with floor to ceiling sliding windows in each cabin.  All shore excursions are included.       The final four-day conference event in Cairo and Giza includes Pyramid View executive rooms at Le Meridien Pyramids Resort, guided tours of the Great Pyramids, Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum and its famous Mummies Room, special dinner receptions, optional tours, OSSN Educational Conference with special lectures by renown archeologist Dr.Zahi Hawass as well as Egyptian Tourist Authority directors and Egypt Suppliers.  All agents will also receive certification as Egypt Specialists issued by the Egyptian Tourist Authority.   In cooperation with OSSN, ICTP has chosen to promote this International Conference event to their membership , as well.  We are very excited also that the International Council of  Tourism Partners ( ICTP)  recognizes the merit of this event and wants to also involve their membership in the program stated OSSN Vice President, Melody Fee.  Understanding the excellent goals of ICTP which include  building  cooperation of nations through tourism, we appreciate the support that they have offered in promoting such a worthwhile event to ICTP members worldwide.  When people understand how friendly the Egyptian citizens  are, how absolutely magnificent are their treasures and how tourism officials give 110% effort to ensuring the safety of visitors, they would not miss this destination."       For more information and booking procedures for the OSSN International Conference, go to http://www.tourismpartners.org/egyptinfo.htm or sign up at http://www.tourismpartners.org/egyptsignup.htm    For information on  OSSN call  800 771 7327 or email ossn@ossn.com  or go to www.ossn.com   For more information on the International Council of Tourism Partners call 1-808-536-1100 or e-mail members@tourismpartners.org  or go to www.tourismpartners.org   Back to Tour Egypt