Temple of Khonsu

Temple of Khonsu

The temple was built by Ramesses III. It is the most fascinating and revealing architectural structure in the Karnak Complex. Its entrance is through a majestic gateway built by Ptolemy III in the southern section of the interior wall. A solar disk flanked by two cobras, a symbol of protection, faces each of the two horizons. The disk is framed by two huge extended wings which is a symbol for "fly to heaven."

After passing the hypostyle hall, we can see the remains of a central pedestal for the barque of Khonsu and a four-columned hall with a central alter. The shrine is located at the end of the temple. This temple offers us the opportunity to see the most secret part of a temple. Also, it is a perfect example to see a general layout of an ancient Egyptian temple. The temple rooms are smaller than the entrance to the shrine room, which is the smallest and most secretive in the temple. In any ancient Egyptian temple, the shrine contains the god's statue.

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