Egypt Travel - Aswan: Temple of Khnum, Elephantine Island

Temple of Khnum (Khnemu)

Elephantine Island

This Elephantine Island Temple of the deity Khnum, who was believed to have created mankind from a potter's wheel, is mostly in ruins. It is believed to have been built by Queen Hatshepsut of the 18th Dynasty. A number of obelisks and monuments have been reconstructed on the parapet, and there are column bases from a restoration which occurred in the early 19th Dynasty (Ramesses II). In addition there is a gateway with carvings of Alexander IV of Macedon worshipping Khnum, and a number of Roman paving stones may be found. One may also see a large granite naos begun by Nectanebo II. There are a few remains of pillars which where painted by the Romans, and several altars with Greek inscriptions.

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