Just for Kids / The ABCs of Egypt "B"




A dish made with roasted and pureed eggplant.


Bahariya Oasis
In 1996 a skeleton of a workman was found at this oasis, which lies 230 miles southwest of Giza. It is believed the workman had helped build Khufus pyramid. The capital of Bahareya was Bawiti. Many mummies from the Roman times were found here also. These excavations suggested the ancient inhabitants had been prosperous. During this time around 30,000 people may have lived in this area. This was a fertile area where dates and grapes were abundant. Today there are about 450,000 people who live in this area.


A meat and okra stew, made with garlic, onions, cumin, coriander, tomatoes, lemon, and fresh mint. It is best served with rice.


Barque is the name of a boat, believed to convey the sun (Re) across the sky. The design, with in-curved prow and stern was the same design as the funerary barques, made of bundles of papyrus stems, which were used to convey the dead on their funerary voyages to the sanctuary of Osiris at Abydos before burial.


If you picture in your mind what the Rosetta Stone looks like, you will also be visualizing basalt. Basalt is a heavy volcanic rock. As the lava cools and solidifies, steam begins to expand, causing bubbles, which are preserved, giving the basalt its unique texture. Basalt is rich in iron and magnesium.


A dish made with sugar, cream of wheat, butter, sugar, lemon juice and cinnamon.


A hearty, savory dish made with potatoes, beef, lamb, or turkey, onions, tomatoes and a cardamom pod, known as Habahan. It is layered with slices of onion, potatoes, broth, beef and tomatoes. Garlic can be added too.


An ancient Lower Egyptian city. The serpent, which was used as one of the royal insignias came from here. It was called the "Bhuto-Wadjet", symbolizing the serpent goddess. Osiris is supposed to have journeyed here. Biram Ruz
This is a rice dish, made with long grain rice, milk and cream.


Black-bellied Sand Grouse
These small grouse walk quickly along the ground, searching for grain. They are swift flyers, about nine to sixteen inches long, with gray or brown plumage. Their wings are pointed, they have short legs, and mate for life. Black-bellied grouse lay two to three dark colored eggs in a depression in the ground.


Black Color
The color black was associated with regeneration as well as the dark precints of the underworld, in which the dead were required to traverse before arriving at heaven. In many instances the dead were represented with black skin, as well as white, in tomb art and on funerary equipment. Blue Tit Blue tits have been referred to looking like small blue bullets. Their bodies are covered with greenish blue feathers on the upper side of their bodies, and have yellow feathers on their bellies. Their heads are white, with a blue crown. Blue tits live in trees and bushes in gardens. They dangle from branches and feed upside down. They are about four and a half inches in size. Blue tits stay in the same vicinity all year long and are nectar feeders, engorging themselves on blossoms. They also eat spiders, insects, nuts and berries.


Breccia covers hundreds of kilometers in Egypts eastern desert. The word "Breccia" is Italian, meaning conglomerate in English. Breccia are natural gathering of natural stones collected together millions of years ago, by nature actions, such as floods, then when the mixture was moved underground by earths movements, it was cooked together by underground heat and pressure to form the solid material we call Breccia now. During other movements of the earth, the Breccia was moved upwards to the earths surface. The best breccias are a mixture of granite and marble, being harder than all other marbles. Ancient Egyptians used green Breccia for making their sculptures, vases and buildings such as temples. Nowadays the Breccia is used for flooring, counter tops, wall claddings, etc. Breccia can also be found in red and yellow colors.


Brown-necked Raven
Ravens are a common bird all over the world, sometimes known as crows. In Egypt, they like to be n the shade of palm fronds and play in the water. A noisy bird, their squawking easily makes them a nuisance.


The famous Temple of Bast is at Bubastis. It stood in a valley, surrounded by canals that carried water from the River Nile. Today it is in ruins. Cats used to run free in the ancient temple, being carried in baskets, and even had their own cemeteries. The Bubastite was the 22nd Dynasty of ancient Egypt. It was ruled mainly by Libyan soldiers. Their ruler had his headquarters in the Nile delta.