Just for Kids / The Vanishing Prince "Chapter 11"


By Jane Richards


The victory procession into the city was joyous. Another battle had been won. Crowds of people thronged into the center of the Temple Square to see it.


Their beloved Pharaoh, SekhenereTao I, Queen Tetisheri, their son Prince Nekhi, and daughter Princess Tepi, [ Ahhotep], were at the beginning of a long parade of priests, victorious generals, leaders, and troops.


Pharaoh and his son had come through the battle without a scratch. So had the Princes' companions.


Sethi had been honored by the Pharaoh for helping Tepi to rescue Prince Nekhi. He was included in the royal party, riding his camel next to Tepi.


A special dinner was planned at the palace after the parade.


"This time," thought Tepi, "I hope there won't be any problems like the last."


There were no problems, none at all. All types of food was served at the feast. Huge platters of meats, vegetables, and fruits were piled on the tables for everyones enjoyment. Even sweetmeats including Tepis' favorite, stuffed dates soaked in honey were there for dessert.


After the feast prayers were said by the High Priest of the Temple of Amun-Re, and others gave speeches of victory.


This was truly a day of celebration for Upper Egypt.


Tepi, Nekhi and Sethi sat together at the dinner talking about their adventures, and wondering what the future would bring. It was noticed by the group that the Great Royal Nurse was nowhere to be found. Tepi had heard, through her ladies, that Nurse had been banished from the palace. It had been discovered that she had, as Tepi had suspected, played a role in the abduction of Prince Nekhi.


"I wonder if anything will ever happen to us like this again?" Tepi mused to her companions.


"Lets hope not!" returned both Nekhi and Sethi in unison.


"I know a special place where we can relax and get away from all this noise, if father will allow it," added Tepi. She leaned over to her father, got his permission and away the three scampered to her very secret, quiet place in back of the garden lotus pool. There, beside that little door, they began their very special friendship. This time there were three, instead of two.





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