Just for Kids - Temples and Tombs "Chapter 8" CONCLUSION

By Jane Richards



Again the royal party entered their capital amid rejoicing in the street and celebrations in the temples. Egypt was almost whole again. Only the northern part of the Nile Delta remained under Hyksos control.


The city of Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt, was free of the enemy. Trade could begin again between the north and the south without danger of attack.


The royal family, now rested and clean of the dust and dirt of travel stood on a balcony of the palace to wave to the people below. The celebrations would continue for days, they realized. Food had been distributed by the palace and the temple to enhance the joyous parties.


Walking to their apartments Tepi turned to Nekhi. "I know that one day I will be Queen Ahhotep and you will be King SekhenereTao II but I'm really glad that right now we're just Nekhi and Tepi. Aren't you?"


"I sure am," replied Nekhi. "All I want now is to find Sethi, go to our lotus pool and soak my feet!"


Tepi nodded in agreement and off they ran to do just that.



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