Koller Papyrus - Model letter: The equipment of a Syrian expedition

Koller Papyrus - Model letter:
The equipment of a Syrian expedition

[The scribe Amenope writes to the scribe Paibes] saying:

- Take good heed to make ready the array(?) of horses which is (bound) for Syria, together with their stable-men, and likewise their grooms; their coats .....-ed and filled with provender and straw, rubbed down twice over; their corn-bags(?) filled with kyllestis-bread, a single ass(?) in the charge of (every) two men.

Their chariots are of bry-wood filled with [all kinds of(?)] weapons of warfare; eighty arrows in the quiver, the Hmj.t, the lance(?), the sword, the dagger, the qwt, the skhm, the whip of TAg-wood furnished with lashes, the chariot-club, the staff(?) of watchfulness, the javelin of Kheta, the rein-looser(?), their facings [of] bronze of six-fold alloy, graven with chiselling(?), ........-ed, and .........-ed.

Their cuirasses are placed beside them.

The bows are adjusted(??) to their strings, their wood being tested in drawing, their(?)bindings(?)consisting of clean ......... leather(?).

The pole is of Tag-wood, .........-ed,shaped(?), fitted with leather, finished off(?), oiled and polished(?).

Sources: Alan H. Gardiner Egyptian Hieratic Papyri, Series I: Literary Texts of the New Kingdom, Part I , Leipzig 1911

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