The Revival of the Ancient Library of Alexandria - Manuscript 5

Manuscript 5

An important MS, untitled. It is a dissertation in modern sciences

An important MS, untitled. It is a dissertation in modern sciences, a kind of a technical demonstration catalogue rather than an ordinary book. It contains minute sketches of engines, machines, scales, astronomical charts, telescopes, surgical instruments, bisectional figures of the human body, plants and maps drawn, not conventionally, but according to modern techniques of mapping. The importance of this MS lies in its being a corner stone in the process of documenting the history of the modern scientific renaissance in the Arab countries. It is date 1299 H. = 1810 AD. which means that it was copied during the early period of the modern renaissance is recorded by its anonymous transcriber who must have finished in the Egyptian city of Domietta as appears at the end of the MS. The MS is in 19 leafs, size 24x17 cm inserted in the MS is a folded leaf size 32x24 cm upon which is drawn the weather chart shown here and on its back is an Astronomical map of the universe. no. 1449 -G [Falak (Astronomy).


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